T1424 Weekly Newsletter – March 1, 2015

There is a lot of new information in the newsletter this week so please read the entire newsletter to make sure you get information on all the upcoming Troop activities.


Two new training opportunities added to the calendar

Troop Committee Challenge Training

We have scheduled classroom Troop Committee Challenge training for the committee meeting date of Tue, March 29th. This training will take the place of the monthly committee meeting. 

Training will start promptly at 6:30pm. Cookies and drinks will be provided. All Committee members should attend. All Assistant Scoutmasters are highly encouraged to attend as well.

New Assistant Scoutmaster (ASM) On-boarding

This training course is scheduled for this upcoming Sunday, March 1st starting at 1:30pm.

Calendar Reminders
Mark your calendars for the important Troop events described below. As always the official troop calendar has the latest information on these and all troop events at www.bsatroop1424.com
SM Corps / FCE / Merit Badge Workshops (March)
Monthly Scoutmaster Corps meeting, First Class Emphasis, and merit badge workshops meet on Sunday, March 1st.
New ASM On-Boarding Meeting
Sunday, March 1st starting at 1:30pm.
No Troop Meeting on Tuesday, March 10th during Spring Break
Troop Elections
Troop elections will be held on Tuesday, March 17th.
March Campout
March 20 – 22 Camp-o-ree at Camp Bovay
PLC Meeting (March)
Tuesday, Mar 29th at 7pm
Troop Committee Challenge Training
Tuesday, March 29th starting at 6:30pm                            
Thunderwolf District SMS Training
Saturday, April 11th. Location is TBD
SM Corps Meeting (April)
Sunday, April 12th from 1:30 – 4:30pm
FCE / MB Workshops / LTE Coaching (April)
Sunday, April 12th from 2:30 – 4:30pm
SHAC Scout Fair
Saturday, April 18 at Reliant Park
April Campout
Canoeing on Village Creek April 20 – 22
Troop Web Site
Nothing to report
Advancement and Merit Badges
Court of Honor
The next Court of Honor (COH) will be held on Tuesday, May 5th. We need a Scout to volunteer to be the Master of Ceremonies (MC). One of the requirements for the Communications merit badge (Eagle required) is to lead a Troop Court of Honor. This is a great opportunity to earn that requirement. We also need an ASM to volunteer to coach the MC.
Deadline for earning all rank advancement and merit badges will be Tuesday, April 21st. This is two weeks prior to the COH since the week prior is the PLC and Committee meetings.
Camping Fees and Troop Annual Dues Reminder
Annual Troop Dues
If you did not pay your Troop Dues Tuesday November 11th they are overdue. Annual dues are $85 per Scout.
Spring Camping Fees
Spring Camping fees were due on January 13,2015. Based on 5 campouts planned for the Spring the fees will be $15 / campout x 5 campouts = $75.
March Campout is Thunderwolf district Camp-o-ree at Camp Bovay. Mike Schultz is the leader.
April Campout is a canoeing trip to Village Creek SP. Robert Steffen is the leader.
May Campout is to Hamilton Pool near Austin and camping at Pedernales Falls SP. A leader is still needed.
Summer Camp 2015 will be at Camp Hale near Talihina, Oklahoma from June 28th through July 4, 2015. Robert Steffen is the campout leader.
High Adventure 2015 – A trek to the The Summit Bechtel Reserve in June of 2015 has been reserved. Program selections have been requested. Final payments for program fees and transportation are due by the end of March 2015. Mike Schultz is the leader. 
High Adventure 2016 – We have received a reservation for 3 crews for 12 day treks in July / Aug of 2016. Deposit of $100 / attendee is due by 3-Mar-2015. 
High Adventure Winter 2016 – We will begin gauging interest in the winter OKPIK high adventure program at Northern Tier High Adventure base in Minnesota for December 2016. The minimum age for this trek is 13. Dates will be departure on Dec 27, 2016 with return on Jan 1, 2017.
High Adventure 2017 – 2019
Long range plans include:
     Florida Sea Base in the Summer of 2017
     The Summit Bechtel Reserve in Summer of 2018
     Philmont Scout Ranch in Summer of 2019

Kroger Community Rewards program is a benefit to the troop for all families that have tied their Kroger rewards card to the troop account. 1% of the amount spent by each family is donated to the troop. Please register your card with the troop and consider shopping at Kroger to support the troop.

Scout fair is just around the corner on Saturday, April 18, 2015 at NRG park. That means that it is time to start selling Scout Fair coupon books. This is an excellent fundraiser and all proceeds go directly to the individual Scout account for future camping trips. The following times are available to sell coupon books at Kroger:

Sunday, March 1st   12-4pm

(Kroger at 6200 Hwy 6 near FM 1092)

Wednesday, March 4th   6-10pm

(Kroger at 6200 Hwy 6 near FM 1092)

Thursday, March 5th   6-10pm

(Kroger at 10250 Hwy 6 near Fort Bend Parkway Toll Road)

Sunday, March 7th   12-4pm

(both Kroger locations 6200 Hwy 6 and 10250 Hwy 6)

Sunday, March 15th    8am-12pm   12-4pm   and 4-8pm

(Kroger at 10250 Hwy 6 near the Fort Bend Parkway Toll Road)

Saturday, March 21st   8am-12pm   and  4-8pm

(Kroger at 10250 Hwy 6 near the Fort Bend Parkway Toll Road)

Service Projects
We have several upcoming service opportunities that you should know about. Please RSVP to jdean@proconsrv.com to be added to the roster for any of these events.

Special Olympics Basketball Practice – Many scouts expressed an interest in continuing support for the Special Olympics so we scheduled another volunteer opportunity for Tuesday 3/3/15 from 5:45-7:15 at Lake Olympia Middle School.

Missouri City Little League Opening Ceremony – For those of you not attending the campout, you are invited to participate with Pack 282 in the opening ceremony for MCLL at Community Park on Saturday 3/21/15 from 8:15-10am at Community Park

Missouri City Trash-Off – Missouri City’s 3rd Annual Trash-Off, a chance for individuals, families, service organizations and corporations to help clean up and beautify our community. After the flag ceremony on Saturday 3/21/15 we will clean up Community Park from 9-11am. Breakfast, drinks, and t-shirts have been provided at this event in the past.

Sprint for Life Annual 5K Run/Walk – The Troop has participated in this event since its inception in 1998. The event has raised over $4.3M for Ovarian Cancer research over the years. The Troop participates in the opening ceremony and passes out water to the runners / walkers in the event. This event will be held on Saturday, May 2, 2015 at the M.D. Anderson campout in the Texas Medical Center.

Missouri City Fallen Officers Ceremony – The Troop has participated in this ceremony for the past 4 years. The Troop participates in the opening ceremony and helps to distribute flyers to the attendees. We have also helped by placing blue ribbons on all the trees along Cartwright Road the week prior to the ceremony.


Troop Committee Challenge Training

Classroom training for Troop committee challenge has been arranged for Tuesday evening, March 29th starting at 6:30pm. All Troop committee members should attend. All Assistant Scoutmasters are also asked to attend.

Assistant Scoutmaster Training
To be fully trained you need to have current Youth Protection Training (YPT), complete Scoutmaster Specific (SMS) class, and Introduction to Outdoor Leader Skills (IOLS) training. See below for training dates.
Introduction to Outdoor Leader Skills (IOLS)
Thunderwolf district will have their next semi-annual IOLS training session on May 1-3, 2015 and the location is still TBD.
Scoutmaster Specific (SMS)
Thunderwolf district will have their semi-annual SMS training class for the Spring on Saturday, April 11, 2015. Location is still TBD.
National Youth Leadership Training (NYLT)
NYLT is the second step in the youth training program. It is provided by SHAC and takes place on a campout over 5 days in both the summer and winter. Our Troop had 6 Scouts complete NYLT last summer and 4 more complete the training in late December. They are all fired up to put their new leadership skills to work with our Troop. Several of the Scouts have even returned with so much enthusiasm they are planning to volunteer as “Staff” for a future NYLT course. If you aspire to run for ASPL / SPL then you should sign-up for NYLT at your earliest opportunity. It will provide you with many tools to make your leadership opportunities a success. Minimum requirements for NYLT are to be 14 years of age, First Class Scout, have completed Troop level training (ILST), and be approved by the Scoutmaster. You may attend at 13 with permission from the Scoutmaster. Registration is currently OPEN for the Summer 2015 classes. Classes fill quickly so if you want to attend please contact Mr. Schultz at your earliest convenience to confirm you meet the minimum requirements and get signed up today. The training dates for 2015 are as follows:
June 7-12, 2015 at Bovay Scout Ranch.
June 14-19, 2015 at Bovay Scout Ranch
December 26-31, 2015 at Bovay Scout Ranch
National Advanced Youth Leadership Experience (NAYLE)
If you have completed ILST and NYLT and are interested in experiencing the ultimate in youth leadership training that BSA has to offer consider attending NAYLE. This training is now held at all 4 of the BSA high adventure bases – Philmont, Florida Sea Base, The Summit, and Northern Tier. Contact Mr. Schultz for more information.
If you have news you would like added to the next newsletter send an email message to the troop email account atbsatroop1424@gmail.com