Cooking Merit Badge


Many of our newest scouts need to complete a cooking requirement (req 3) in order to earn their Tenderfoot badge by the next Court of Honor. We don’t have a cooking campout opportunity before the COH, so we are going to do some cooking Friday evening at New Hope.

We’ll meet at 6 pm near the trailer shed. One member of each patrol has a menu and number of scouts they are cooking for. Parents, please purchase the food and the troop will reimburse. To complete the requirement, the cooked food must be edible and be eaten. Pre-prepared and/or pre-cooked foods do not qualify. If you would like to attend this event and were not at the meeting last night, please call your patrol leader and let them know.

We need some older scouts and ASMs to be available to help guide the cooks. Older scouts should show up at 5:30 to help get out the cooking gear. We can also work on any other Tenderfoot or Second Class requirements that evening.

Yours in Scouting,

Mr. Schultz