Garage Sale info

Scouts & Troop Adults:
This coming Saturday, Nov 3rd is our semi-annual Garage Sale.

The garage sale will take place from 6am until 2pm (items for sale from 7am till noon) at Colony Creek Community Church (next door to Centre Court Pizza on Hwy 6). As all of you already know it takes an enormous effort to make the garage sale a success so your help would be greatly appreciated. There is a lot of information and details to pass along to everyone so please read the details below carefully and let us know where you can help. This message and details about the garage sale will be posted on the Troop website for your reference. If you can help with any of the activities and did not already sign-up at the Troop meeting on Tuesday, Oct 30th then please send an email along with a list of all the activities where you can help out to Tim Balaski at [email protected] with a copy to Joe Alcorn at [email protected].

1) Pick-up of remaining large items
If you have any remaining large items to donate and need a pick-up on Friday night please send an email to Tim Balaski with a list of items to be picked up and your address so we can arrange for pick-up. The pick-up will be made between 6pm – 10pm by uhaul or personal pick-up depending on the number and size of items to be transported.

2) Drop-off of smaller items and clothes
If you have small or medium sized items to donate to the garage sale that do not require pick-up please bring them to New Hope Lutheran Church (NHLC)) on Friday night between 6pm and 8pm. These items will be sorted and then loaded onto one of the U-hauls for storage Friday night and then transported to the garage sale on Saturday morning. If you have clothes to donate please bring them to NHLC on Friday night where we will sort the clothes and put them on hangers so that they can be placed on “Big Bertha” as a clothes rack Saturday morning to save space on the tables for other items.

3) Loading of trailer
We will load all the available tables from the gym into the troop trailer along with several cases of water, orange barricade netting, signs, ice chests into the troop trailer.

4) Where help is needed on Friday night
– We will need three volunteers to be drivers of the U-hauls for pick-up of goods at homes and the storage locker. Drivers need to pick-up the u-haul trucks before 5pm and bring them to NHLC and then go out to homes for pick-up and / or go to the storage locker for loading of goods.
– We will need volunteers to travel with the U-haul trucks and help with pick-up – especially loading of all the goods in the storage locker. Pick-up and loading volunteers need to arrive at NHLC by 6pm.
– We will need volunteers to help sort goods, place clothes on hangers, and load the troop trailer at NHLC. If you can help, please arrive at NHLC between 6-6:30pm.

1) Where help is needed on Saturday
– We will need help with the collection of money at the front entrance to the garage sale.
– We will need somone to bring coffee and donuts for everyone on Saturday morning.
– We will begin setup for the garage sale at 6am at Colony Creek Community Church (CCCC).
– The garage sale itself (items for sale) from 7am until 2pm.
– Breakdown of tables and cleanup at CCCC will being around 1:30-1:45pm.
– Loadout of unsold goods into the East Fort Bend Human Needs Ministry truck(s) will being at 2pm.
– The final step is always to take the troop trailer back to NHLC and unload all the tables, barricade netting, and such and put everything away in the gym and storage shed. This is usually completed by 3pm.

LOTS OF HELP is needed for the garage sale to be a success. Remember that hours worked are the basis for distributing fundraising for each Scout. Every hour worked by each Scout and the hours worked by ONE parent or guardian per Scout will be recorded and added together to be used as the basis for distributing 60% of the net proceeds from the garage sale to each individual Scout fundraising account. The remaining 40% of the net proceeds goes into the troop general fund. So, the more hours you work the more money goes into your fundraising account. The more hours a parent or guardian works the more money that is deposited into the Scouts’ fundraising account.

Remember, summer camp in 2013 will cost approximately $500 per Scout! High adventure camps in 2014 and beyond will cost anywhere from $1,500 to $3,000 per camp. So the need for participation by every Scout and adult is obvious.

Tim Balaski
Garage sale coordinator