Summer Camp Followup and Meeting Dates


I am sure by now that your scout has shared many stories about summer camp including the heat during the day, the cold water of the Blanco River, the mystery of what the dining hall is serving, the blisters, the campfires, the bugs, those special purchases at the Trading Post, and on and on. It was a good summer camp and the scouts solidified skills, learned new ones, and completed merit badges. The camp is supposed to email me a spreadsheet showing what everyone completed, and I will forward to the troop when received. At our lock-in on August 3-4, we will go over these achievements and record them in the scouts handbooks. Please let me know before the lock-in if there is an issue with what the camp says was completed, so that I can research the issue with the camp before the lock-in.

There will be no troop meetings in July. The next troop meeting will be Aug 7. In July we will be having some adult and boy leader training and planning sessions. On July 10, I would like to have an adult leader meeting at New Hope at 7:30. We will discuss plans for conducting boy leader training, and continuing the First Class Emphasis program into the fall. I plan to send out an agenda before that meeting. On July 13-14, we will provide leadership training for the boy leaders and make plans for the next year’s programs. All adults interested in being a Scoutmaster are invited to help with the training and planning.

I want to extend a special thanks to the following adults who went to summer camp: David Clayton, Alex Furhman, Jim Jarecki, Jim McGinty, Michael Moody (Troop 140), and Billy Sturhan. These men took a week away from their own families and jobs to transport our scouts to camp, sweat in the heat, climb Appetite Hill twice a day, get some blisters, and most importantly supervise our scouts. Also congratulations to David Clayton, Michael Moody, and Billy Sturhan who put in the time and effort needed to become fully trained Scoutmasters by completing the SM/ASM Specific Training and the Introduction to Outdoor Leadership Skills training while at camp. Special thanks to Howard Weliver who conducted the registration and prepared the summer camp t-shirts. The next time you see one of these men, thank them for investing their time in your scout.

Yours in Scouting,