USS Lexington overnight trip on Sept. 21

The count as of today is 35 scouts and adults.

USS_LexingtonWe will plan to leave from the Church at 730 am Saturday, September 21st. We will need an additional $ 35 camping fee for the Lexington Campout as the crew will provide food and lodging on the ship. Adults will need to pay an $50 camping fee for this campout. We will plan to attend the aquarium or Christopher Columbus Ship in Corpus Christi in the early afternoon. We will need to be back on the ship by 430 pm for ship inspection. Bring exact money for the afternoon activities. You will have the option (from 100 to 430 pm) to go to the state of Texas Aquarium or to the Christopher Columbus Ships in Corpus Christi. Cost is $18.95 for the Aquarium or $17.95 if we have a group of 10. Let me know if you want to go the aquarium and I will make reservations.

Need spending money, pillow, sleeping bag, toiletries, towel and flashlight. No electronic equipment.

We will plan to be back by 100 pm on Sunday, September 22nd at the church. For all drivers, we need you to bring your larger vehicle as we need to average 5 persons per vehicle.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Jim McGinty


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