September 20th Troop meeting

Scout Parents:

This Tuesday September 20th there will be two special activities for the parents.

The first is a short parent meeting to discuss adult support during the weekly troop meetings. Mr. Schultz will address the group about the need for adult support during the weekly meetings. This should be a fairly short meeting – only 10-15 minutes or so and I would encourage all parents who are available to attend this special parent meeting. I’ll setup one of the rooms in the front of our troop meeting building for this purpose and we’ll make an announcement during the troop meeting when it is time for this break-out.

Also Clint Miller our advancement chair has put a plan in place to hold Boards of Review the third Tuesday of each month during our regular troop meeting time. In the past these were held when required and always created a bottleneck right before the court of honor as a whole pack of boys would show up at the meeting before the court of honor and request a board of review. This way there is a standing time each and every month for a Board of Review and all that is required is to contact Mr. Miller (either at the meeting or via email) and he will arrange the Board of Review. This Tuesday September 20th is the third Tuesday of the month so we will hold one and possibly two Boards of Review for scouts needing this requirement to achieve their next rank advancement. Each Board of Review requires three parents to form the review board. The Boards of Review are a great opportunity to meet with the Scouts individually and to watch them mature and develop their leadership skills.

We’ll have information about how to hold a board of review and a sign-off sheet for each scout that participates in a board of review on Tuesday so that this requirement can be recorded in the troop records for advancement.

I look forward to seeing everyone at the meeting on Tuesday.

Joe Alcorn
Committee Chair