Fall Fundraiser – The Entertainment Book 2012

Hello All…

It’s that time again…

The 2011/2012 Fall Fundraiser with the Entertainment Book is kicking off this week…I have received books and they are available for distribution.

Here are a few FAQ’s fundraising/earning potential for Troop #1424:

– Key Tags are included with the membership cards
– Online/EMAIL sales are available (more information to follow)
– Smartphone Apps are available to allow discounts & coupons to be right at your fingertips

Earning Opportunity: – Must sell a minimum of 10 books to receive 1 free book
(can be used as a giveaway, etc…)
– Sell 1-30 books; earn 35% or $8.75 per book
– Sell +31 books; earn 50% or $12.50 per book

*Each scout will earn at least $5.00 per book sold;
the more YOU sell, the more WE as a troop earn*

Troop Historical Data: 2010 – Sold 63 books
2009 – Sold 60 books

Books will be available for distribution at the meeting on Tuesday, September 6, 2011. Money will be collected weekly at each meeting.
Please come by to pick up your books to get started…
Kristal Allen
Email: [email protected]