Troop 1424 website updates


There have been a couple of new additions to the “Resources” section of the Troop 1424 website that I want to announce. 

Scouting Skills – This is a section where we can document Scouting Skills so that scouting and troop knowledge can be passed on to new generations of scouts in the troop. There are videos here on favorite troop activities as well as how to tie knots and lashings. Please send any ideas or information that you want to add to this section to the troop webmaster.

Recipes – Scouts have given their input on troop favorite recipes to be included in this new section. If you have any great camping recipes that you want added, send them to the troop webmaster.

As a reminder, other resources on the website include:

Troop News – Notifications and information about upcoming events.

Calendar – The current and “official” Troop 1424 calendar.

Photos – Going all the way back to 1994! If you have photos that you would like to have put on the website, please send them to the troop webmaster.

Camping Locations – Information and directions to most camps that the troop has visited in the past.

Eagle Projects – The list of Troop 1424 Eagles and information about their Eagle Projects. This is a good resource for scouts who are thinking about what to do for their own project!

Troopmaster – Link to the website where Troop 1424 scouting records are maintained.

Links and Documents – Official BSA and unofficial scouting related websites, as well as Troop 1424 related documents.

Please visit the Troop 1424 website at

Mike McNeff