Webelos Woods 2014 Information

Download the Webelos Woods Invitation and Map from Troop 1424

Note From Webelos Woods Chairperson

Troops and Crews in the Thunder Wolf District, Webelos Woods 2014 – Season of the Gourd – is quickly approaching! We need to wrap up registrations and receive payments shortly. Registration will close Monday night at 11:59 pm. There are several units that are coming that have not submitted a registration yet. Please take care of this by the close of registration.

Please collect and prepare the medical forms and permissions slips for your unit and any camping Webelos II’s and their parents, and ready the camp roster, all for turn in at the camp. If you need copies of medical forms for your campsite please make copies now – we will need medical forms in the First Aid station.

Attached please find the updated Program Schedule and the Registration form. Both are available on the website. Some things to plan for:

Campsite Inspection

Be prepared and remember – extra points if you can devise a camp gadget that incorporates a pumpkin. I would discuss this one in your meeting Monday!

Pumpkin Shoot

This is from 11-12 on Saturday and each Troop can send two Boy Scouts and one Webelos II Scout to represent the unit in this competition. There will be an open shoot from 1 to 4 in the afternoon where all scouts can come to shoot for fun.

Pumpkin Carving

Troops will select a design and one Boy Scout and one Webelos II Scout to come carve for their unit. If you want to participate in the pumpkin carving you must bring your own pumpkin! Select them this weekend or early next week and bring them with you. Also, bring your own carving set of “safe” carving tools available from dollar stores, Wal-Mart or the like. No hacking away with machetes in the carving area! 😉 You can open the top and remove the guts prior to coming to the carving area, but no other work should be done beforehand. If carving is already in progress we will disqualify the pumpkin.

Seed Spitting Contest

This is for fun and anyone can come participate. First come, first served.

Tour of the Troop Campsites

Be sure to prepare for Webelos I’s and II’s to visit your campsite in the late afternoon. If you do not wish to participate in this campsite tour please let me know. This is recruitment time! Put on your best face and get the boys out front doing the talking! It’s telling to hear an adult presenting to the Webelos about being Boy Led. Let the boys represent! Based on numbers, we will be bringing up to three tour groups to your campsite during this timeframe. This will allow you a better opportunity to communicate with the Webelos.

Patrol Cook-off

Fix up your favorite dish – appetizer, entrée, side dish, dessert for any meal of the day. The special ingredient is… (wait for it) PUMPKIN! An alternate is squash of some kind but pumpkin is the focus. Tell the boys to have fun and get creative!

This is going to be a fabulous event and we hope to see you there! If questions come up in your Troop please contact us – we’ll get you the answer!

Thank you and we’ll see you at Camp Brosig where we will all go… OUT OF OUR GOURDS!

Steve Whitcomb
Webelos Woods Chairperson
Thunder Wolf District

[email protected]
C: (832) 273-2979