Webelos Woods registration by Nov. 5

Hi everybody,

Our November campout is right around the corner! Our Troop will be hosting 12 Webelos (and their parents) for Webelos Woods on Nov 11-13.

It is imperative that we have a good turnout for this event so we may properly host these Cub Scouts. There will be a sign-up sheet available at the next two meetings on Oct. 25th and Nov. 1st. The registration deadline for our Troop is Nov. 5th so we only have two weeks to get a commitment to attend. Please sign up at the meeting or reply to [email protected] for attendance confirmation.

The attached leader guide has all of the necessary information for the campout but here are a few details:
What: November Campout – Webelos Woods
Where: Camp Mauritz, Ganado, TX
When: November 11-13 2011
Who: Scouts and parents only. No siblings please.
How much: Registration is per Troop: $5 per scout/adult (includes camping fee and patch – does not include meals)

If you would like to volunteer to be a driver for this event or to assist in any other fashion please contact Jason Dean at [email protected]

Jason Dean


Thanks for leading this event.

A couple of clarifications:

The troop will cover the $5/person fee for our scouts and our guests.

We will buy food and prepare our own meals just like we would for a normal campout. The Webelos II boys will be dispersed into our troop patrols for meals. The Webelos parents will be hosted by the troop adults. That means we will be cooking for around 20 adults, so we will need plenty of troop adult help. I suggest we do some meals that are easy to scale-up for big groups like chili for supper and Mike McNeff’s outstanding mountain man breakfast.


Mike Schultz